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Discovering Interests, Skills, and Talents through Bridges Day Support

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How Bridges Day Program Works

Building bridges into the community to learn, engage and thrive. Bridges is a hub and spoke model for activities, both on and off campus. People have the opportunity to discover their own interests, skills and talents.

Activities are grouped within these areas:

  • Health and movement
  • Interpersonal and personal development
  • Acquisition of skills: problem solving, self-determination, self-care, independence, financial

Activities include:

  • Visits to local fitness centers and parks for swimming, exercise classes, yoga, table tennis and bowling, and line dancing
  • Volunteering at local non-profit agencies
  • Learning about healthy eating by creating a menu, shopping, and cooking
  • Speakers present on topics ranging from health and safety, arts and crafts, and cultural experiences
  • Learning about rights and responsibilities and being a strong self-advocate

Career and employment exploration occurs through educational and experiential opportunities designed to help people identify their interests and abilities for competitive integrated employment.

All activities are centered around the interests of the people participating in Bridges.